Committees, Councils & Advisory Groups

Our programs are client focused and are targeted to promote accountability, address risk to our community and achieve behavior change. 

CJS Community Engagement Groups

  • Criminal Justice Advisory Group

    The Mecklenburg County Criminal Justice Advisory Group (CJAG) was created in 2005 as an informal forum where criminal justice system leaders engage in systemic planning and coordination. 


  • Criminal Justice Community Engagement Task Group

    Mecklenburg County has committed to being part of the MacArthur Foundation's Safety and Justice Challenge, a national movement to safely reduce the use of jails and address racial and ethnic disparities in the local criminal justice system. 


  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

    The Mecklenburg County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) is statutorily authorized advisory board charged with reviewing the needs of juveniles who are delinquent or at-risk of becoming court-involved.


  • Substance Use Disorder Task Force​

    Working together to be a national leader in addressing substance use disorders as a public health issue by providing an integrated continuum of care to create a healthy community.